Takagi T-M50-ASME-NG Tankless Water Heater

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T M50 Takagi T M50 ASME NG Tankless Water HeaterManufacturer: Takagi

Model #: T-M50-ASME-NG

Price: $2969.00

Model: T-M50-ASME-NG

Takagi Tankless Water Heater

The New T-M50 model, also known as "The Monster Tankless," is Takagi’s most powerful tankless water heater yet and was developed specifically for heavy duty commercial applications. The T-M50 offers "true commercial grade" components and can be Easy-Linked and Multi-Linked to meet high demands. The T-M50 also offers a dual-combustion system for added redundancy.


  • ASME Version
  • 380,000 BTU/U, up to 14.5 GPM (Max)
  • Offers precise control of the water valves.
  • The versatility of being installed either indoor,
    outdoor, or with a direct vent, all with the same unit.
  • Easy-link capability up to 4 units. You may connect
    up to 10 units and generate over 140 GPM using a
    multi-controller unit.
  • Features a Dual-Heat Exchanger system that allows
    for redundancy. In the event of an emergency, if one
    system goes down, the other system will still stay
  • Uses HRS copper, the most durable copper in the
    industry. HRS copper is stronger and harder than the
    standard copper, making it much more resilient against
    erosion and leaks.
  • Utilizes the air-fuel ratio rod for added safety.
  • Ignition indicators: indicates which burner is
    fired up at the moment.
  • 7-segment LED for error codes: Remote
    controller is not required to pinpoint problems.
  • The drum thickness has been increased 25% for
    greater heat exchanger performance and to be
    more resistant to thermal stress.
  • 8 new dipswitch temperature settings: 100 F,
    115 F, 120 F, 135 F, 145 F, 155 F, 165 F, and
    185 F. These temperatures are better suited for
    commercial applications.
  • Increase in fin pitch: Fins are more "spread out"
    which improves the durability of the heat
    exchanger. More space in-between the fins
    reduces build-up. Higher temperatures at the
    top of heat exchanger reduces condensation.


To check availability, call us at 1-800-360-1569 or visit our online store.

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