Payne 4 Ton 92% AFUE 80K BTU Gas Furnace, 17.5″ Cabinet

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Payne 92 Gas Furnace PSCMotor Payne 4 Ton 92% AFUE 80K BTU Gas Furnace, 17.5 CabinetManufacturer: PAYNE

Model #: PG92SCS48080B

Price: $1376.00

Payne 92% AFUE Gas Furnace 80,000 BTU PSC Motor

  • PSC Motor
  • 80,000 Input
  • 74,400 Output
  • 17 1/2 x 35 W x H

Warm Up with Payne

Payne’s PG92S 80k gas furnace is a great option for homeowners who are interested in getting great winter heating and saving money at the same time. Built using high quality Payne components, the PG92S produces up to 80,000 BTUs of heating power, but is still 92% AFUE rated. AFUE is an industry and government standard that measures how efficiently as gas furnace or boiler burns fuel. A 92% AFUE rated gas furnace like the Payne PG92S 80k is more efficient than previous generation models and if you are upgrading from an outdated system, can save you a substantial amount on your seasonal utility costs.

To do the job right, the Payne PG92S 80k gas furnace comes with durable and painstakingly designed parts. It features a 3-pass primary heat exchanger and a flow-through secondary heat exchanger, monoport inshot burner, integrated control center with self-test capability and great control tools, PSC motor, 4-way Multipoise design, and an enclosed burner assembly for quieter operation. Every Payne PG92S 80k gas furnace is also built to meet Canadian Standards Association (CSA) design certification and AHRI efficiency rating. The machine is also versatile enough to run on either natural gas or liquid propane fuel.

Great parts aside, the feature many homeowners will like most is the great Payne Heating and Cooling warranty assurance. Every Payne PG92S 80k gas furnace gets a 10 year limited warranty to cover the next decade of reliable operation. So, if you want to improve your home’s overall heating efficiency and stay warm, invest in a Payne PG92S 80k gas furnace.

With an affordable and reliable Payne deluxe condensing gas furnace, you can look forward to the comfort of quiet operation, the economy of low utility bills and the freedom of minimal maintenance.

This unit offers high efficiency and an impressive AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of up to 92%. Its quiet start-up and smooth operation are backed by Payne’s 10-year limited warranty.

No matter which model you choose, you can expect comfort and savings to continue for years because Payne products are designed, built and tested for long lasting operation.




To check availability, call us at 1-800-360-1569 or visit our online store.

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