Mcquay International Geothermal Heat Pump 3.5 Ton Install Package For Closed Loop Vertical Application

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 Mcquay International Geothermal Heat Pump 3.5 Ton Install Package For Closed Loop Vertical ApplicationManufacturer: Mcquay International

Model #: WVFW1042*E-KIT-V

Price: $7152.00


Complete 3.5 ton Geothermal Packaged Heat Pump with install kit for Closed Vertical Ground Loop applications

Weight (Shipping): 950
Model: 1) ENFINITY VFW-1042, 1) 2-230QFC, 1) HK-1-12, 1) M432PA+PS-INS, 4) 6-075U510, 2) MSA45
Short Desc.: 42,000 btu water source heat pump, QT Flow Center, Hosekit, Insulated header/manifold, all necessary piping

closedloopchart Mcquay International Geothermal Heat Pump 3.5 Ton Install Package For Closed Loop Vertical Application

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What is included in this package?

This package was designed with the do-it-yourself person in mind.  They include everything needed to install a geothermal closed loop vertical ground system.  The only thing you have to do is dig the trenches for the piping to be laid in.  Everything in the package is as follows:

  1. All necessary U-Bend Poly-Ethylene piping
  2. Insulated Header/Manifold where all piping is gathered together
  3. QT Flow Center water pump
  4. Hosekit to connect Header/Manifold to QT Flow Center and QT Flow Center to Heat Pump
  5. McQuay Geothermal Packaged Vertical Heat Pump

After the piping has been fed into the vertical wells, they collect at the Header/Manifold.  The connect with a compression fitting so all you have to do is tighten the fitting to seal the system up.  From there the Hosekit includes all necessary adapters to connect the Header/Manifold to the QT Flow Center.  The QT Flow Center is a patented non-pressurized water pump.  This allows for low maintenance and easy access for adding fluids to the system when necessary.  It also has a self-purging system to keep optimal conditions for the highest efficiency possible.  From there the Hosekit connects the QT Flow Center to the McQuay geothermal heat pump.

What is a GeoThermal Heatpump?

Because underground temperatures do not change and remain relatively constant year-round, a geothermal system, which consists of an indoor unit and a buried earth loop, capitalizes on these constant temperatures.

The winter, fluid circulating through the system’s earth loop absorbs stored heat and carries it indoors. The indoor unit compresses the heat to a higher temperature and distributes it throughout the building. In the summer, the system reverses, pulling heat from the building, carrying through the earth loop and depositing it in the cooler earth.

Why are geothermal heat pumps more efficient than air source heat heat pumps?

The geothermal system cycles water from a well, pond, lake or river, or water piped through underground plastic tubing, to warm or cool the heat pump’s refrigerant. Liquid such as water or an antifreeze solution is a much better heat transfer medium than air. Overall, the liquid medium for heat transfer is about 30% more efficient than air.

Which type of Geothermal Unit is this?

Vertical Energy Systems (Closed Loop) utilize the natural thermal properties of the earth in a similar manor to the Ground Water Energy Systems. However instead of pumping water out of a well then back into the ground, you simply circulate water or an antifreeze solution through a closed loop network of plastic pipe that is inserted into vertical wells. These vertical wells are drilled to a depth of 100 to 300 feet per ton of air conditioning.

Satisfied Geothermal Customer

JHD Wrote:

It is working beautifully..!
Thank You !  Thank You !  Thank You !!!!!
This absolutely is the slickest,  best,  and most efficient Water Source Heat Pump I have ever had.  The incredible thing is:  I replaced a 150,000 btu gas furnace and a central A/C unit;  Previously I let the fan run all the time.  The incredible thing is our electrical bill has not gone up at all – actually slightly less and the other bonus is – no propane gas bill…!  I have bills to prove it.
One happy customer (especially since my trouble / problem is solved)….!!!

Ed from Farmington, ME wrote:

Just wanted to let you know that the filter rack worked perfectly. My geothermal system is heating my house and the temperature last night was below 0 degrees. My house is over 3000 sq ft.and compared with oil I save at least $450 even though my electric bill for the month of December was $150 over what I paid last year, and it is less than the cost of heating with wood without all the mess and work. Needless to say I am very happy with my system. At some point, I will need to add some way to heat hot water (we are still using the old oil boiler until the tank is empty)  and a small propane furnace to help the geothermal on the coldest days. I am thinking of and on demand hot water system but I would be interested in any suggestions that you might have.
Thanks for sticking with me after the sale. 


Testimonial by Bob
Installed a 4 ton geothermal kit from you and it works great! Talk about quiet! Wow! You can barely hear it run and its located right under our livingroom floor! Don’t need to turn the TV volume up anymore when the heat comes on! My friend and I did the install and only needed someone to help with the trenching. Dug the trench, laid the pipe and buried it in one day! It was a big job but well worth the effort! Thanks guys!

To check availability, call us at 1-800-360-1569 or visit our online store.

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