Intertherm Gas Furnace Review

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intertherm Intertherm Gas Furnace ReviewBased out of O’Fallon, Missouri, Intertherm Heating and Cooling has been a part of the heating, ventilation and air conditioner business for decades and is mainly concerned with the production of HVAC equipment intended for use in manufactured homes. Intertherm is quick to argue that as they design their units specifically for manufactured housing, they are clearly the better choice.

Every Intertherm gas furnace is equipped with the following:
- Compliance with Federal HUD requirements.
- Designed for easy compatibility with Intertherm air conditioners to insure year round heating and cooling with minimal system conflict.
- Meets every Federal high efficiency standard.
- Continuous fans circulate internal air for solid comfort no matter the season.
- Dual shut-off gas valves ensure safety when dealing with gas.

Intertherm divides its gas furnace into four product lines: the CMF, M1, M3 and M4.

- The CMF gas furnace achieves a 78% AFUE, uses a multi-fire burner and multi-speed blower, is compact enough to meet stringent placement requirements, and is available with an extended warranty for longer lasting protection.

- The M1 gas furnace gets 80% AFUE, may be equipped with multiple burner options, is A/C ready, comes with an insulated cabinet to minimize heat loss and lower operating decibel levels, comes with a standard 1 Year Limited Warranty on parts and labor, and can produce up to 56k BTUs. A typical M1 is available for around $1200 USD.

- The M3 is one of Intertherm’s more efficient models and gets a 90% AFUE, is made of heavy gauge steel, available in downflow models, is A/C ready, and each unit is 100% fired and tested to insure it works.

- The M4 is Intertherm’s top-of-the-line gas furnace and comes in with an AFUE of 92.1%, a solid rating for such compact gas furnaces. The M4 also has a shock-mounted hot surface ignitor, heavy-gauge aluminized steel heat exchanger, an Energy Star rating, and is available in upflow or downflow applications.

To check availability, call us at 1-800-360-1569 or visit our online store.

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  1. Mark Taylor

    I have a four year old Intertherm gas furnace I also live in northen Minnesota I have been out ofa furnace for 9 days now, al becase of the Intertherm Copany you see the heatexchanger cracked or corroded which is under warranty aparrenty IIntertherm Copany did not ship the heat exchanger in a hurry upI need heat way, then they could not give a tracking number, finally received it the guys showed up to install it and on inspection of the new heat exchanger they revealed cracks so now it starts all over hey southerners it gets cold up north you know where your pipes freeze a break get my part !!!!!!!!!!

    • Kyle Davis

      We’re sorry to hear you’ve had problems, but we aren’t Intertherm; we only wrote a quick overview of their company for our readers. We recommend you visit their website

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