Haier Gas Furnace Review

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Haier Gas Furnace 235x300 Haier Gas Furnace ReviewA relatively recent entry into the international HVAC market, the Haier Group has been around for decades, but experienced its most stupendous growth in relatively recent years. From 1984 to 2000, after the liberalization of trade between the United States and China, the Haier Group expanded its business 11,500 percent. The company has humble origins, originally only manufacturing refrigerators for local Chinese markets, bu has since branched out into the production of many different goods for diverse customer groups. Their current lineup includes televisions, microwaves and various air comfort products intended for the the very competitive heating, ventilation and air conditioner market.

In the HVAC market, the Haier Group has mostly produced air conditioners for domestic and international consumption. This was a natural evolution from their original designation as a refrigerator manufacturer. However, through a variety of political and economic means, Haier has acquired numerous secondary businesses and broadened its product scope expansively. Today, Haier produces its own line of gas furnaces and is looking to become a serious player in that market.

The Haier HG80 series of gas furnaces range between 35k to 135k BTUs and come in at 80% AFUE. They are available for upflow, downflow and horizontal installation, are only 35” tall, comply with California NOX requirements, feature a tubular steel heat exchanger and a multi-speed motor. They are also well equipped with a 10 Year Limited Warranty on parts and a 20 Year Limited Warranty on the heat exchanger.

The Haier HG95 series is as well built as the 80, but offers between 54k and 108k BTUs will hitting an incredibly efficient 95% AFUE. Like the HG80, the HG95 are available for all position installations and compatible with California NOX requirements. The HG95 holds the same limited parts warranty, but features a Life Time Limited Warranty on the heat exchanger.

With these solid lines, the Haier Group looks poised for the same success with gas furnaces that it has enjoyed with many other products.

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