Geothermal Water to Water 62,600 BTU. 5 TON, 21.7 SEER

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Climatemaster Geothermal Water to Water 62600BTU 5TON Geothermal Water to Water 62,600 BTU. 5 TON, 21.7 SEERManufacturer: Climatemaster

Model #: TMW060BG

Price: $5903.00

Geothermal Water to Water 62,600 BTU

The TMW Series water-to-water series offers high efficiency with advanced features, extremely quiet operation and application flexibility at competitive prices. As ClimateMaster’s most adaptable EarthPure® HFC410A refrigerant units, the TMW series can be used for radiant floor heating, snow/ice melt, chilled water for fan coils, potable hot water generation, hot/chilled water for make-up air, and many other types of HVAC applications.

Available in sizes 036 [8.7 kW], 060 [13.5 kW] and 120 [26.9 kW] the TMW series offers a wide range of units for most any installation. The TMW has an extended range refrigerant circuit, capable of ground loop (geothermal) applications as well as water loop (boiler-tower) applications. Standard features are many. Microprocessor controls, galvanized steel cabinet, powder coat paint, stainless steel front access panels and TXV refrigerant metering device are just some of the features of the flexible TMW series.

ClimateMaster’s exclusive double isolation compressor mounting system makes the TMW series the quietest water-to-water unit on the market. Compressors are mounted on vibration isolation grommets to a heavy gauge mounting plate, which is then isolated from the cabinet base with rubber grommets for maximized vibration/sound attenuation. Optional double-wall load heat exchanger (for potable hot water generation) allows customized design solutions.

The TMW Series water-to-water heat pumps are designed to meet the challenges of today’s HVAC demands with a high efficiency, high value solution.


  • Sizes 036 [8.7 kW], 060 [13.5 kW], and 120 [26.9 kW]
  • Copeland scroll compressors
  • Dual refrigeration circuits on size 120
  •  Galvanized steel construction with epoxy powder coat paint
  • Unique double isolation compressor mounting for quiet operation
  • Insulated compressor compartment
  • TXV metering device
  • Extended range (20 to 120°F, -6.7 to 48.9°C) operation
  • Microprocessor controls standard
  • 1” swivel-type water connections for distributor (residential) models 036 & 060
  • Flush securely-mounted corner post water connections (no backup wrench required) for model 120
  • Compressor “run” and “fault” lights on the front of the cabinet
  • Seven Safeties Standard
  • Optional double-wall load heat exchanger and HWG (hot water generator – desuperheater)

geothermal Geothermal Water to Water 62,600 BTU. 5 TON, 21.7 SEER

All ratings based upon 208V operation

Indoor coil also called “Load” and outdoor coil also called “Source”

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