Geothermal Heat Pump Vs Gas Furnace

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geobg1 300x161 Geothermal Heat Pump Vs Gas Furnace The concept of geothermal heat pump is relatively new and is considered a revolutionary heating system, as it uses the earth’s constant temperature as its source for heating and cooling purposes. On the other hand, gas furnace has been in the industry for long time. In fact, both geothermal heat pumps and gas furnaces have their own pros and cons. Mentioned below is a brief overview on the comparison of these heating systems based on factors such as ease of installation, performance, efficiency, and durability.

Installation and Performance

Unlike gas furnace that is relatively easy to install, a geothermal heat pump’s installation can be a tedious task, which in deed entails the assistance of a professional HVAC contractor. The geothermal system works with the help of looping system that consists of a series of pipes filled with liquid that is a blend of anti freeze and water. This in turn helps the system to absorb heat from the ground and circulate it to the building during winter. However, the function will be reversed in summer. When it comes to gas furnace, it functions with the help of burners controlled by a thermostat.


A geothermal heat pump is considered highly efficient, as it requires very small amount of energy for its functioning. It is estimated that a geothermal heat pump will return over 4 kWs of energy in the form of heat for every 1kW of energy consumed, yielding a 400% efficiency! However, this is not the case with the gas furnace, as even the most efficient gas furnace could function only at 95%.


Both of these heating systems are extremely durable and guarantee long lasting performance. In the case of maintenance, geothermal heat pumps need little care when compared to gas furnace. The pipes that have been drilled beneath the ground are mostly backed by 25 to 50 years warranty.

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Geothermal Heat Pump

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