Geothermal Heat Pump Advantages

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open well 300x265 Geothermal Heat Pump AdvantagesThe geothermal heat pump, alternatively referred to as the ground source heat pump, has now become an economic as well as quality choice to ensure indoor comfort of your residential or commercial buildings. It functions like a conventional heat pump system however with the exception that it utilizes the heat from the ground to warm your building during winter. On the other hand, in summer, it pulls out heat from the building and releases it into the ground. In fact, it works primarily on the basis of geothermal exchange systems.

The purchase as well as installation of a geothermal heat pump may initially set you back a large amount. However, in long run, it will result in tremendous savings on utility bills, which is up to 30% to 60%. Also, certain geothermal heat pumps qualify for an Energy Star Tax Credit of 30% of the installed cost.  This is, indeed, one of the key benefits of installing a geothermal heat pump. Another great thing regarding geothermal heat pump is that it will lasts for longer period. A traditional air conditioner may last for only four to eight years while a geothermal pumps from a leading brand may perform consistently for a period as long as 50 years, with the added benefit of lower maintenance.

Perhaps the most amazing of the benefits of using geothermal heat pump is that it is environmental friendly, as it not only minimizes the greenhouse gas emissions but also reduces the chances of ozone layer’s depletion. Even though it uses ductwork as in the case of traditional air conditioning system to heat and cool the building, it maintains comfortable indoor temperature by naturally balancing the humidity level. In addition to heating and cooling your house, a geothermal heat system can also be used in conjunction with a de-superheater to heat your domestic hot water.

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Geothermal Heat Pump

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