Gas Furnace Safety Tips

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SafetyMatters4 300x225 Gas Furnace Safety TipsGas furnaces have been widely used to warm buildings during winter months. In fact, it is regarded as one of the efficient sources for heating purposes. However, a gas furnace, let it be propane or natural gas, can be sometimes hazardous, especially if it is not properly maintained. Hence, it is important for its users to know about its potential dangers as well as safety measures. Discussed below are some safety tips for the maintenance of gas furnace.

If you smell gas leaking out from the furnace unit, immediately get everyone out of the building. Then dial the fire department or the gas company however not from a phone within the building. Likewise, ensure that you don’t switch on any light or electrical devices, as it may sometimes lead to spark or fire. Also, leave the door open thus enabling the gas fumes to escape outside.

A gas furnace’s functioning usually result in minimal emission of carbon monoxide. But, if it is not functioning properly, it may sometimes lead to emission of carbon monoxide in larger amount. Since this gas is colorless or odorless, it will create confusion. Hence, it is better to install a certified, quality Carbon Monoxide detector in your home in order to detect its functioning and make sure that there is not any gas leakage.

Equally important to avoid dangers as a result of gas furnace is its proper and regular maintenance, for which it is advisable to hire the services of a certified and licensed technician who can easily troubleshoot and repair leakage or other gas furnace issues. Above all, be sure to replace your furnace’s filter in regular intervals or as recommended by the manufacturer. This will not only extend the safety and longevity of your furnace but also help to lower the gas and hydro costs.

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