Does it matter which refrigerant I use?

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hvac refrigerant package heat pump Does it matter which refrigerant I use? Unless you are an industry professional or scientist, then you probably don’t know a lot about the properties of the refrigerant gas flowing through the coils of your air conditioner or heat pump. You just know that it does the job whenever it comes to cooling your home during hot summer weather. That’s your biggest concern, but you might also be interested in doing what you can to make sure your home cooling system is as environmentally responsible as it can be. If that’s you, then you absolutely should care about which refrigerant gas you pick for your home system.

Right now there is really only one choice when it comes to responsible home air comfort: R-410A. R-410A is the solution to the previous generation of ozone-depleting hydrochlorofluorocarbons. Initially, no one though CFCs were damaging to the environment, but latter long term studies showed serious ozone impact. CFCs were subsequently outlawed and now are rare in most Western nations. Some developing nations still use them, but even in those regions usage is dropping and that can only be considered a good thing.

Of course, we still all want to fight summer heat which is why R-410A refrigerant is such an important chemical. R-410A is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) and lacks the chlorine of earlier chemicals. R-410A was developed expressly for the purpose of being ozone-null, which means mass usage of R-410A won’t kill our entire species in a hundred years. I think we can all agree that that is a good thing. So, make certain that your home air conditioner or heat pump uses R-410A refrigerant gas. It’s the only responsible choice.

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