Cozy Direct Vent Furnace, CDV335C, 33,000 BTU

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 Cozy Direct Vent Furnace, CDV335C, 33,000 BTUManufacturer: COZY

Model #: CDV335C

Price: $1009.00

Cozy Direct Vent Furnace is the perfect choice for today’s zone heating needs. It mounts easily on any outside wall and occupies a minimum of space. Sealed combustion chamber draws air from outdoors and exhausts to the outside keeping room air fresh as springtime. The telescoping vent assembly containing air inlet tube vent tube and cap is included eliminating the need for expensive and difficult to install vent pipe systems. A wall mounted thermostatic control provides exact temperature control even if the power fails. All controls include 100% safety pilot and pressure regulator for safe efficient operation.

Contemporary styling in attractive Neutral Bone with rich woodgrain panel blends with any decor. The louvred cabinet design maximizes airflow to provide even temperatures from floor to ceiling. Optional automatic blower provides even better circulation.

Cozy’s simple vent system is provided with each unit and minimizes installation expense by eliminating costly ductwork. Durably constructed of stainless and galvanized steel the vent assembly is rainproof prevents back-drafts provides fresh air for unit combustion (large tube) and exhausts combustion products outside (small tube) the home. The vent cap includes a safety screen to prevent entry by small animals. The standard telescoping vent fits walls 5 inch to 9 inch t




  • - Direct vent convenience
  • - Compact design
  • - Mobile home approved
  • - Vent safety device
  • - Cast-iron slotted port burners
  • - Mounted control assemblies


Direct Vent Wall Furnace
  Install Manual (PDF)

  Spec Sheet

To check availability, call us at 1-800-360-1569 or visit our online store.

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