Copper Lineset 25 FT (3/8 – 7/8) Insulated Line-set

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copper lineset pipewithcopper Copper Lineset 25 FT (3/8   7/8) Insulated Line setManufacturer: 

Model #: CL3/8X7/8X25′

Price: $182.00

 Copper Line-set, Insulated, 25′, 3/8×7/8

Copper Lineset Product Description: There are a lot of moving parts in any modern HVAC system, some more complicated than others. Of course, even seemingly unsophisticated components can make a big difference when it comes to operating efficiency and saving money.

A good example is a copper lineset. Copper linesets connect the indoor and outdoor sections of a split system heat pump or air conditioner. They are the channel moving heat in or out of a house as needed and they are very important. As the name implies, copper linesets are typically made out of copper, but other metals could be used. Most manufacturers use copper because it’s a relatively inexpensive metal, a good heat conductor, and resistant to corrosion.

Any copper lineset essentially consists of two parts: the liquid line and the suction line. The liquid line moves the refrigerant while it is in liquid form while the suction line transfers the refrigerant as vapor. The larger tube is the suction line. In an air conditioner or heat pump, it moves the heat to the compressor.

 The suction line is typically insulated to maintain a stable vapor temperature. How much insulation is needed varies, but up to an inch of insulation around the suction line is not unheard of. The liquid line is smaller than the suction line, and it is used to transfer the refrigerant while in liquid form. Most liquid lines are uninsulated, since it is desirable for the refrigerant to subcool and save energy.

So, while you now know what a copper lineset is, you probably don’t know how important it is that you get the right size lineset. Line thickness is dependent upon the distance between air handler and compressor. Miss measurements at this stage of installation can cost you money on wasted energy down the road.

Talk with an Ingram Water & Air representative today. They can help you figure out the right length for your copper lineset and maximize the energy efficiency of your new air conditioner or heat pump.

Weight (Shipping):10 LB
Model: CL3/8X7/8X25′
Short Desc.:Copper Line-set, Insulated, 25′, 3/8×7/8

To check availability, call us at 1-800-360-1569 or visit our online store.

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