Carrier Infinity Series Central Air Conditioner

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Carrier Infinity SeriesAC Carrier Infinity Series Central Air ConditionerPorsche. Gucci. Rolex. For some, only the very best will do and when it comes to providing the highest quality of home cooling available their desires do not lessen. They want superior quality, superior performance, and superior efficiency. For those with luxurious tastes, and money to burn, the Carrier Infinity Series Central Air Conditioner is the Rolls-Royce of modern models.

In terms of energy efficiency, the Infinity air conditioner can provide up to the nearly unmatchable 21 SEER rating. A 21 SEER rating is almost unheard of among traditional air conditioner models, but the Infinity Series garners just such high marks. SEER is used to measure energy efficiency in air conditioners and heat pumps and the US government mandates a minimum 13 SEER rating for residential units. The Infinity air conditioner’s surpassing of that requirement practically guarantees energy efficiency savings while providing some of the best cooling comfort available from the industry today.

The Infinity air conditioner achieves its high SEER rating through use of a two-stage scroll compressor designed for maximum operational efficiency and further augments this with enhanced diagnostic systems featuring Infinity Control. Infinity Control is an innovation in air conditioner monitoring and manipulation. It allows the consumer to control the fan speed and ventilation, monitor air quality, and even check the humidity. Also, if the filters are dirty, then Infinity Control will remind you to change them. It’s one of the most sophisticated air conditioner control systems that money can buy.

Of course, the entire Infinity system is then protected by heavy gauge galvanized steel and guarded by a 10-Year Limited Warranty. Should any of the functional parts fail early, then you’re covered.

If you demand the very best in life, then the Infinity Series Central Air Conditioner by Carrier is the home air conditioning system you want. You could get better home cooling, but that would require moving to Antarctica.

To check availability, call us at 1-800-360-1569 or visit our online store.

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    how much would a 4 ton carrier infinity system with gas furnace cost installed?

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