Carrier Infinity Heat Pumps Review

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Carrier Infinity Heat Pump 150x150 Carrier Infinity Heat Pumps Review

The Carrier Infinity series heat pumps are perhaps the most efficient as well as popular among the Carrier heat pumps. In other words, the Infinity series heat pumps have been designed to serve as a fully functional heating and cooling system of your home, thereby ensuring utmost comfort to your home. Backed by a ten year limited warranty on the compressor and a five year limited warranty on parts, Carriers’ heat pumps offers a SEER rating up to 19.0.

Significant features of Carrier Infinity heat pumps is its two-stage compressor that functions with minimal energy for extended periods thus helping to cut down the energy bills. Another key feature of heat pumps involved in Infinity series is that it helps for quieter performance, with its advanced features like Silencer System II and a noise level ranging from 69 to 71 decibels. In addition, a great thing regarding Infinity series is that both of its models including 25HNA6 and the 25HNA9 qualify for the Energy Star rating system.

As mentioned earlier, Career’s Infinity heat pumps offer high SEER (up to 19.0) and HSPF (up to 9.0) ratings. To add to its performance and protection, these heat pumps feature galvanized steel exterior and louvered coil guards coated with Weather Armor, which in turn protect your heat pump against corrosion and rust. Above all, Carrier Infinity utilizes environmental friendly Puron brand refrigerant that has been manufactured in compliance with the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure the protection of the earth’s ozone layer.

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