Carrier Heat Pump Condenser Review

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Carrier Air Conditioning 300x117 Carrier Heat Pump Condenser ReviewYour Carrier heat pump has two coils, one for the interior and one for the exterior. When the heat pump is cooling your home the interior coil is the cooling coil, absorbing heat from the interior environment, and the exterior coil is the condenser coil, dissipating heat into the outside air. Of course, in winter when the heat pump is warming your home the interior coil becomes the condenser coil, putting heat back in the house, and the exterior coil is in charge of drawing heat from the outside air. Depending upon the season, either of a heat pump’s coils might be working as the condenser.

The Carrier Corporation has long experience constructing coils for air conditioners and heat pumps. They know that when constructing a heat pump adding superior protection for the exterior coil, what you’ll use as a condenser during the summer, is critical. Unlike the interior coil, safely protected by your house, the exterior coil is subject to inclement weather, debris, sun and other potentially damaging conditions. If the exterior coil is damaged then it will not be able to function as a condenser during summer or evaporator during winter.

In order to keep the exterior coil functioning, Carrier has installed a variety of protection strategies into even their most cost-effective series of heat pumps. The Base Series uses a dense wire coil guard to prevent the wind blowing foreign material into the coil and most other models sport a louvered coil guard made of toughened steel. These protections Carrier defends the exterior coil with make sure it will work as a great condenser during summer and survive the winter while warming your home.

To check availability, call us at 1-800-360-1569 or visit our online store.

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