Carrier Air Conditioner Condenser Review

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Carrier Air Conditioning 300x117 Carrier Air Conditioner Condenser ReviewAn air conditioner’s condenser coil is one of its most important parts. An air conditioner functions by pushing a refrigerant of some kind through the cooling coils, absorbing the heat in the air, carrying the heat to the condenser coil and releasing it. The condenser must do its work outside the home and that exposes it to the elements and potential damage. Over the years there have been many innovations in material and design of condenser coils and the Carrier Corporation has been at the forefront of those innovations.

Like most heating, ventilation and air conditioner companies, Carrier once constructed condenser coils out of aluminium. At the time there were a lot of benefits to using that kind of material. Aluminium was relatively cheap, especially in the 1980’s, and was a good heat conductor, an important quality in a condenser coil. The honeymoon didn’t last. It soon became clear that aluminium was an inferior metal for condenser coils. Aluminium was prone to corrosion, prone to leakage and usually could not be easily repaired which led to expensive coil replacement. All in all it was a bad deal for consumers and HVAC companies having to constantly service units.

Today, Carrier has replaced its old aluminium condenser coils with new and better copper models. Copper has numerous advantages which make it a superior metal for use in air conditioner manufacture. Copper is harder to damage than aluminium, easier to repair and is a superior resistor of corrosion. Copper can also be rifled, similar to rifling the barrel of a gun, to allow it to conduct heat better, but aluminium cannot be. The only downside to copper is it is more valuable than aluminium and is sometimes prone to stock market price fluctuations, but despite that issue, copper has proved a superior material for condenser coil construction and is now a standard part of Carrier’s air conditioner fleet.

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