Bye CFC! Hello R-410A!

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hvac refrigerant package heat pump Bye CFC! Hello R 410A!The air conditioner industry did not really get big until after the Second World War had ended. As you might imagine, most of the world had other things on their mind between, say, 1918 and 1945 than home air comfort. However, after the war was finally over, American industry found itself with mountains of excess capacity, an entire world to sell products to, and lots of capital to work with. In the 1950s, the air conditioner industry exploded, fueled by home expansion in the United States as well as the growing populations in the air Southwest.

At the time we were using chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as the primary refrigerant gas the conduct heat through air conditioner coils. No one realized at the time that the same CFCs that cooled us were slowly destroying the ozone layer. Luckily, by the 1970s the scientific mainstream had become well aware of what we were doing. The industrialized nations of the West met in Montreal and issued what was called the Montreal Protocol. It was, in short, a consensus agreement to dispense with dangerous HCFCs, mainly CFC-11 and CFC-12, by the coming of the next century.

The HVAC industry was then faced with a dilemma. Very soon the main ingredient in their air conditioners would be illegal as well as a public relations nightmare. They quickly set about looking for alternatives to CFCs. By 1991, they had their answer. In that year, Honeywell chemists created R-410A refrigerant gas. R-410A was a hydrofluorocarbon that could conduct heat as well as CFCs, but would not deplete the ozone layer. Today, R-410A is known variously as Puron, EcoFluor, Genetron and more. It is a scientific solution that will let us stay cool and, fortunately, won’t destroy our world.

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