Burnham Electronic Ignition Model. 115,000 BTU.

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 Burnham Electronic Ignition Model. 115,000 BTU.Manufacturer: Burnham

Model #: PIN5SNI-ME2

Price: $3386.00


Independence Series.

Product Details

Burnham’s Independence boiler is designed for installations where optimum steam performance is needed. An example case would be older, steam heated buildings. Offered in a cast iron package, semi-pak, or knockdown model, the Independence is a perfect fit for new or replacement urban installations.

Since Burnham’s Independence is one of the most efficient boilers for steam applications you can buy – with an annual efficiency of 83.2% – you can save hundreds of dollars during your first heating season. Compare this to 60% efficiency for a typical 20 year old boiler or 50% for a typical 40 year boiler that may have been converted from coal firing. Your local Burnham dealer can test your current unit and tell you at what efficiency it is operating.

Features and Benefits of the Burnham INDEPENDENCE SERIES Steam Cast Iron Boiler

  • Traditional Cast Iron Heat Exchanger.
  • Superior Fuel Savings and Simplified Service Requirements.
  • A rear drafthood installs in low overhead areas and allows for clearance and flexibility for existing piping.
  • Honeywell controls. High quality brand name controls assure reliability and availability.
  • Step-opening gas valve. This type of gas valve enables the boiler to start on low fire.
  • Industrial quality pressuretrol for accurate, trouble-free control.
  • Rugged cast iron sections.

Made in the USA.

Other Standard Features :

  • Deluxe Insulated Jacket.
  • Combustible Floor Certified.
  • Steam Pressure Gauge.
  • Pressure Limit Control
  • Safety Relief Valve.
  • Low Water Cut Off.
  • High Limit.
  • Thermostat Isolation Relay.
  • Transformer and Junction Box.
  • Vent Damper.
  • 120V Power switch
  • 100% Shut-off Combination.
  • Step Opening Gas Valve.
  • Stainless Steel Burners.
  • Blocked Vent Limit Switch.
  • Flame Roll-Out Switch
  • Factory tested.

    Product Warranty

    1 year parts / Limited lifetime heat exchanger

  • To check availability, call us at 1-800-360-1569 or visit our online store.

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