Bryant Preferred Series Compact Heat Pump

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bryant preffered 300x154 Bryant Preferred Series Compact Heat PumpIn 1904 Charles Bryant founded a company in Cleveland, Ohio that today is known as Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems. Bryant has been involved in the HVAC industry for decades and is no late entry into the rapidly expanding heat pump market. Bryant offers a range of heat pumps for residential and commercial use, among those the Preferred Series Compact Heat Pump.

The Preferred Series Compact is designed for use in situations where space is at a premium or the area cannot be connected to a building’s regular heating, ventilation and air conditioner system. Compact heat pumps like the Preferred Series are ideal for outdoor garages, closed patios or wilderness cabins. They can be installed with a minimum of fuss and most operate more quietly than conventional systems.

Of course, like anything purpose built to be smaller than typical designs, there are drawbacks. Bryant outfits their Preferred Series with a single-stage scroll compressor capable of achieving a 15 SEER efficiency. This is above the mandated government standard, but not the most efficient rating available for heat pumps and, of course, the Preferred Series Compact heat pump cannot cool large buildings like a traditional model. Of course, it’s not designed to do that, so that is not a huge drawback.

The warranty coverage is the industry standard, a 10-Year Limited Warranty on parts, which is always reassuring. The heat pump also uses Puron refrigerant, a solid eco-friendly option, and is made of galvanized steel. It also uses the DuraGuard Protection system and a powder-paint coat to protect against the elements.

Overall, the Bryant Preferred Series Compact Heat Pump is a good choice if you need supplementary heating and cooling for your home or office. It lacks the elaborate bells and whistles of standard models, but, as mentioned earlier, it is not meant to take the place of those models. For what it is designed to do, the Bryant Preferred Series Compact does its job well and should please interested consumers.

To check availability, call us at 1-800-360-1569 or visit our online store.

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