Bryant Heat Pump Condenser Review

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bryant logo 300x158 Bryant Heat Pump Condenser ReviewAn air-source heat pump has two coils that operate together to heat or cool your home as you desire. During a warm summer the exterior coil works as a condenser to expel heat from the home and the interior coil functions as the evaporator to cool. When winter comes the two coils reverse function to heat with the interior coil acting as the condenser and the exterior coil working as an evaporator. Of course, through all this only the exterior coil, whether acting as condenser or evaporator, is exposed to the elements.

Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems has designed many heat pumps and air conditioners over the years and are well aware of the potential perils facing an exterior coil. Wind blown debris can damage the coiling tubes, galvanic corrosion can degrade performance and dirt build up can impede air flow to decrease overall operational efficiency. Being industry veterans, Bryant has come up with numerous methods to deal with each of these problems.

The most obvious issue is debris physically damaging the condenser coils. Any break in the line is obviously going to cause inefficiencies if it does not damage the unit beyond operation in the first place. Bryant solves this problem by putting guards made of dense wire or louvered steel between the coils and the environment. These guards are still porous enough to allow necessary air flow, but will keep out most foreign objects. The coils themselves are also made of copper to allow for easy repair in case something does cause harm.

The copper coil construction also helps deal with galvanic corrosion. Copper does not corrode as easily as some competitor’s aluminium coils and this coupled with regular maintenance will prevent any longer term damage that might occur. Copper coils are also easy to clean which is the best way to deal with dirt build up in the guards.

Bryant is no stranger to the problems associated with a heat pump’s exterior coil and has taken steps to address the problems. With solid guards surrounding the condenser/evaporator and a copper-aluminium construction, Bryant heat pumps should perform efficiently for long years of service.

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