Are all ground-source heat pumps alike?

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open well 300x265 Are all ground source heat pumps alike? In recent years, ground source heat pumps have been increasingly used to enhance the comfort level of buildings due to their fantastic features such as eco friendliness, efficient functioning, and reduced energy bills. If you want to install a ground source heat pump in your home, choices are limitless, with a vast range of ground source or geothermal heat pumps now available in the market. However, each of them has its own specialties and is designed to suit a specific application.

Majority of the geothermal heat pumps are designed to function in tune with underground water in open loop systems, some of them are designed in such a way that it will function even when water temperature is as low as 25 degree Fahrenheit. The ground source heat pumps are also differentiated on the basis of its build. For example, a ground source heat pump in the form of a self contained unit will combine all the vital components such as compressor, coil, heat exchanger, and blower in a single unit. Further, in the case of ground source heat pump with split systems, it mostly comes with a feature that enables the coil to function with a forced-air furnace.

Depending upon its loop configurations, a closed loop geothermal heat pump has been categorized into horizontal ground closed loops, vertical ground closed loops, and pond closed loops. A horizontal ground closed loop is perhaps the most economic of all ground source loop configurations. When it comes to vertical ground closed loop, it is most perfect for home with limited yard space. Above all, pond closed loop serve as an excellent option when your building is located close to a body of water like lake or pond.


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