Amana ACV9 Gas Furnace Review

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Amana ACV9 Gas Furnace Amana ACV9 Gas Furnace ReviewAmana is a widely-acclaimed name in the home appliance industry that offers everything from washers and dryers to advanced home heating furnaces. As compared to the warranties offered by most companies, Amana Furnaces are backed by the best warranties, offering a 10 Years Parts Limited Warranty on every functioning part in the furnace. Amana CV9 comes with several other advanced features that make it highly sought after today. Amana ACV9 puts forward with their own-patented Million Air Stainless Steel Dual Diameter Tubular Heat Exchanger that is one of the best features by industry standards. When the Million Air was put to the test by the company, it fired the furnace over 1 million times and was found to be working with the hottest temperatures it could survive.

Another remarkable feature of Amana ACV9 is its SureStart Ignition System that was manufactured with a Silicon Nitride and Adaptive Learning Process. Its igniter is stronger and more durable as compared to other furnace igniters in the industry. Provided with an energy rating of 93%, ACV9 is one of the highest AFUE rated furnaces available today. The unit of this furnace is equipped with Electronic Control Board with a Self Diagnostic System that makes the homeowner alert when a part of the system is not functioning properly. The unit is also provided with an extremely quiet variable speed circulator motor.

Other significant features of ACV9 are: SureStart Silicon Nitride Igniter, a Corrosion Resistant Vent Blower, a Two Stage Gas Valve, a Variable Speed Blower an Electronic Ignition Control and a Fully Insulated Cabinet. Another notable feature of Amana Furnace is that it offers a Tax Credit as it falls under the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Because of this, it offers a tax credit up to $50 for homeowners buying new furnaces with features like a variable speed furnace.

With Amana ACV9 furnace, you can save a lot of bucks on your heating bills. For homeowners who are upgrading their furnace, you will find that the higher the AFUE of the furnace the lesser will be the operating cost of the unit.

These furnaces save you money in a simple mechanism. The furnace’s blower runs about 90% of the time on a low setting and will supply 25% of a hire fire setting. The low fan setting makes use of very little energy just about like using a 75-watt light bulb. The furnaces that don’t have a variable speed blower will cost you much more. Amana is a popular name in the home appliance industry that is much-admired for its high performance and high quality. You should upgrade your furnace at home now.

To check availability, call us at 1-800-360-1569 or visit our online store.

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