A Guide to Air Source Heat Pumps

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Heat Pump Cutaway How It Works 263x300 A Guide to Air Source Heat Pumps Air source heat pumps are an excellent choice to render year-round heating and cooling comfort to your home. It is not only efficient and reliable but also relatively affordable when compared to other types of heating systems. Whether it is for commercial or residential purposes, air source heat pumps serve as a best choice. However, it is most suitable for houses or buildings with limited ground collectors.


An air source heat pump primarily works on basis of the principles of thermodynamic, i.e. to transform the latent heat contained in the outside air to heat energy, which in turn can be used for heating building as well as to derive hot water. If the air source heat pump is in heating mode, it absorbs heat from the external temperature and transfer it to the indoors to provide warmth to your building. When it is in cooling mode, this type of heat pump expels the heat within the building to render maximum coolness to your home.

It carries out its functions using three prime components; evaporator coil, compressor and heat exchanger. The prime function of evaporator coil is to extract heat from the external air while the compressor pumps the refrigerant gas via the system squeezing it until it reaches a temperature between 35 and 40 degree Celsius. The heat exchanger transfers the heat within the refrigerant to water or air.


The efficiency of an air source heat pump is determined on the basis of its COP (Coefficient of Performance). For instance, if the COP of your heating system is 3, it means your heat pump generates 3 units of energy for every one unit of its electricity consumption. The higher the COP, the more efficient and reliable will be your heat pump.

Different Types of Air Source Heat Pumps

There are two different types of air source heat pumps: Air to Air Heat Pumps and Air to Water Heat Pump. Air to Air heat pumps are the most commonly used air source heat pumps. A specialty of air to water heat pump is that its functioning is based on the hydronic heat distribution system and it can functions more effectively in lower temperature.

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