A Brief History of Payne Heating and Cooling Systems

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Many of the most famous companies in the world had inauspicious beginnings and Payne Heating and Cooling Systems is no different. Coming up on a hundred years ago, D.W. Payne and his sons converted a Los Angeles barn into a makeshift factory. There they began production of gravity-type furnaces and later would build the first floor furnaces designed specifically for residential crawl space installation. Their business plan did not stop there and they quickly developed a profitable business.

By 1933, the Payne Company was selling forced-air, down-discharge furnaces across a broad customer base and like some of their previous efforts this product was another Payne innovation. Eventually, they also became the first heating, ventilation and air conditioner company to manufacture a forced-air furnace that could be installed in a closet. Products like these allowed the Payne Company to survive the economic ravages of the Great Depression when other companies faded into collapse and bankruptcy.

After World War II ended, Payne was ready to grow again. They started selling a remote air conditioning product line and was among the first HVAC developers to investigate zone and perimeter heating. Innovative and pioneering efforts like this would keep Payne strong throughout the 1950s and allow them to introduce the first horizontal forced-air furnace for outdoor installation in 1962. The same unit could also do vertical combination heating and cooling for numerous applications.

Payne’s success eventually attracted interested buyers. The Carrier Corporation acquired Payne and spun it off into the BDP Company. Payne would remain in this organizational arrangement until continued and aggressive expansion made it logical to put Payne back into its own corporate structure. That is how Payne still functions today, a part of Carrier, and has largely abandoned the pioneering work that made it what it is. Now, Payne functions as a dependable HVAC manufacturer that provides dependable systems mainly to residential customers at economic prices. In this regard, Payne still has success and will likely continue its current industry role into the foreseeable future.

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