A Brief History of Coleman Heating & Air Conditioning

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coleman logo 300x100 A Brief History of Coleman Heating & Air ConditioningIn 1900, a fellow named W.C. Coleman needed some way to pay for his final year of law school. To earn the money he started selling lanterns to merchants in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. The lanterns became quite popular in Kingfisher and soon W.C. Coleman had no need to finish his final year of law school. He began producing Coleman lanterns full time and by 1914 had introduced America’s very first 300 candlepower lantern. The Saturday Evening Post heralded W.C. Coleman by saying, “Except for Thomas Edison, Mr. Coleman may be responsible for the creation of more bright light than any other man.”

Despite all the accolades, Coleman and his company did not end their product line at lanterns. They introduced the first fold-up camp stove in 1923 and watched it become almost an overnight success. Then in 1928 the Great Depression struck. Instead of shrinking their business as many companies did, Coleman expand into a new direction: gas floor furnaces and oil space heaters. Coleman had entered the air comfort market.

During World War II, the Coleman Company, like most others, produced material for the war effort and sidelined most of its primary product lines. This was standard practice at the time as consumer goods were hard to come by during the war years. Coleman did not make bullets or bombs though, but pocket stoves intended for use by muddy soldiers out in the field. A million portable stoves would eventually be produced to give some comfort to those bearing the heaviest burden of the fighting.

After the war, Coleman got back into the HVAC business with a determination to succeed. They initially relaunched their efforts by designing air comfort systems for mobile homes and would continue to expand in this area until the 1980’s. In 1984, Coleman acquired Red T Coil, an evaporator coil and fan coil manufacturer. This would be of great benefit to Coleman’s HVAC capabilities in the coming decades.

Today, Coleman continues to produce outstanding products for residential and commercial air comfort. They are proud of their long-standing commitment to service and quality and ready to embark on the next hundred years of operation.

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